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Are you looking for a new way to promote your business? Would you like to reach potential customers in Weybridge’s wider area? Then read on!

Weybridge in Bloom is proud to hold annual competitions and events for all residents and businesses of our area.
We have several categories, including:
* Commercial establishments
* Schools and Colleges
* Community establishments

How your business can benefit - This can be through one or more of our Sponsorship opportunities below.

All sponsors are also invited and presented to our Weybridge in Bloom AGM.
To discuss the above opportunities or any other ideas you might have, please contact our Secretary via the Contact Form below.
Please note that all expressions of interest for sponsorship are subject to a pre-approval process by our trustees.

Plant a Tree for the Jubilee Sponsorship

To celebrate The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee in 2022 Weybridge in Bloom will plant 70 trees in Weybridge locations across town.

Competition Sponsorship

You can become the exclusive sponsor of our yearly competition. Your brand name will be advertised to everyone who gets involved in it, both in print and on the web.
• Best Dressed Xmas Window Competition
• Blooming Weybridge Photo Competition
• Design a Flower Bed Competition
• Tallest Sunflower Competition 

Seeds and Plants Sponsorship

Be the provider of seeds and plants which will be used by our members to make areas of Weybridge bloom.

We are pleased to announce that
Woodlark Nurseries Retail and Creepers Nursery have chosen to be our partners and suppliers for 2022 

Hospitality Sponsorship

If your business belongs to the Hospitality Sector, you can offer your premises for one of the activities of Weybridge in Bloom, or offer drinks and/or food for one of our meetings.

Hi-Viz / T-Shirt Sponsorship

Printed Hi-Viz or T-shirts with our logo and your business name. These will be worn by our members in outdoor activities, thus promoting your company.

Calendar Sponsorship

Sponsor our calendar and get your logo and contact details printed.

Litter Picking Equipment for DofE

Your company name printed on the DofE Hi-Viz Jackets, litter picker and ring.

We are pleased to announce that
Keller Williams have chosen to be our partner for 2022 

Website Sponsorship

Help with the running expenses of our website and receive an advertising space in it for as long as your sponsorship lasts

Small advert on website

Sponsor our calendar and get your logo and contact details printed.


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